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Natural Flea Control

Natural Flea Control

Flea, flee, a wingless insect, usually classed with the fly, although regarded by many entomologists as a distinct order. The common flea is a little insect about one-eighth of an inch long, somewhat flattened in shape and covered with a shell composed of hard, overlapping plates. It has two thread-like antennae, and its mouth parts are adapted to piercing and sucking. The flea is remarkable for its great agility, being able to make remarkably long leaps. Different species prey upon different animals, and some show considerable intelligence and have been taught to do many remarkable things.

Natural Flea Control

by Michael O'Brien

You don’t need to have dog, cat or other pet to experience the frustration of a good old fashioned flea infestation. They bite, you scratch and then you wonder how they get there and more importantly how to get rid of them. Problems with fleas are common the world over and like many insects, fleas are becoming more and more tolerant to chemicals. Dealing with fleas takes an integrated battle plan and some real discipline.

Fleas can take up residence in any house no matter how clean and whether or not you have pets. These pesky critters most commonly arrive after hitching a ride on your dog, cat or other warm-blooded, fur bearing pet. Once inside they set up shop in clothing, bedding, carpets, furniture, and even plush toys like stuffed animals. The multiple stages of the flea’s life cycle make them extremely difficult to get rid of once they’ve made themselves at home in your couch.

Fleas feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammals and are not particular whether the host is animal or human. You may notice that your pet is scratching more or just as bad, you may catch yourself scratching at what may appear to be a small lump at the site of the bite. Once you notice them its certain that your insect guests have arrived in numbers great enough to cause real problem. Pet owners are especially susceptible to flea problems, not to mention poor Fido so swift action must be taken.

Adult fleas spend virtually all of their life cycle feeding on the host. The eggs, larvae and pupa stage fleas are what is found in your furniture, carpet and clothing. Hundreds of eggs can be produced in a single day so understanding how to eliminate the eggs is just as important as getting rid of the adult fleas. Many pet owners have removed their wall to wall carpets in favor of other non-carpet flooring options like hardwoods. This step can reduce the breeding ground for fleas but more is needed to prevent an infestation.

There is a wide variety of products available to prevent fleas from attacking your pets and for killing the fleas once your pet has become a host. The danger to pets from flea bites can not be understated as fleas can expose your pet to a number of serious diseases. As with any pesticide, it is vitally important to read the cautionary information on any product you apply to your pet. Using chemicals can be very effective and may be the only option that a pet owner has but you want to be completely informed about any risks to your pet and your family.

Powders, sprays, collars, chemical dips and other chemical applications are available both over the counter and by prescription. Mostly available by veterinary prescription, there are also pills which, when introduced into the animals bloodstream, prevent the eggs of biting female fleas from hatching. You must be consistent with any treatment regime until you are certain that the infestation is under control.

Treating an infestation in your home presents an equally challenging number of options. Multiple cleaning of your carpets, furniture, bedding and draperies may by be required until you get the infestation under control. As with strategies for treating your pets, there are a number of chemical solutions available as well as natural substances that are said to be effective.

Prevention is the key when dealing with fleas so keep an eye on your pets, keep them clean and groomed and consult your veterinarian at the first sign of fleas. Fido will thank you.

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